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Tao Chang (Source Field), Toronto, ON, 2017 Saturdays - Webcast

Tao Chang (Source Field), Toronto, ON, 2017 Saturdays - Webcast

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Each Saturday event is a separate registration and honor fee.
Please choose the Saturday date(s) you wish to register for below.
At this special time, the Tao Chang is created on Mother Earth through Source power. The Tao Chang is formed in a physical place within a circle of Tao Calligraphies. Each Tao Calligraphy is written by Master Zhi Gang Sha in a rare style, and created with unique power. It is Oness writing.

Experience a loving Source frequency and vibrational field that nourishes your soul, heart, mind and body. Learn what positive oneness writing and messages can do for your health, relationships, finances and more.

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