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Soul Mind Body Health and Wellness, 2019, Tao Academy VOD Course, Special Services Package

Soul Mind Body Health and Wellness, 2019, Tao Academy VOD Course, Special Services Package

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Your registration for the treasures package includes the course and Tao Light Treasures for Energy Centers (Lower Dan Tian, Snow Mountain, Message Centre, Zu Qiao, Third eye) to help you maintain your energy, stamina and vitality.

The Soul Mind Body Health and Wellness online course gives you ancient and new wisdom, practical techniques, Tao blessings and most importantly the solutions you need to unblock your life and life in order to live and to become healthier, happier and more successful.

We invite you to register for this course in order to discover and to experience:

  • Love Meditation and then use it to love, nourish, and care for yourself at any time of day or night
  • The Five Power Techniques for self-healing, unblocking your health and creating wellbeing
  • The five most important energy centers in the body and how to develop them to prevent sickness, maintain health and increase vitality
  • The Law of Shen Qi Jing (Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy and Matter) and how to create alignment within yourself to reach heightened levels of transformation and connection
  • Your higher self in a real and practical way to access higher potentials and abilities for health, wellness and awareness
  • Simple and powerful forgiveness practice that self-clears blockages at the deepest layers to reach more inner joy and inner peace
  • Many Tao healing blessings to bring positive Oneness frequency and vibration to nourish your requests
  • How to establish a daily practice or incorporate more tools in your existing practice for health and wellness in as little as 30 minutes
  • And more!

Soul Mind Body Health and Wellness is about YOU – giving you what you need to live your life in the way you wish to so you can do even more of what you enjoy! Come experience, benefit, and uplift your health and wellbeing. Discover wisdom and practical ways to help YOU be the best YOU can be!