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Sunday Tao Blessings ***

Sunday Tao Blessings ***

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Sunday Tao Blessings
Sunday Tao Blessings teleconference is a bit like “office hours” for the soul with Master Sha's top Certified Master Teachers.
Those who wish to receive a blessing are encouraged to select, register and come on the phone line to receive them during this weekly service.
Each session includes the weekly Gifts and free weekly water blessings for registered participants.

Sundays, 11am - 12pm PT / 2pm - 3 pm ET (click here to convert to your timezone).

Dial in:
+1 (306) 5001584 (Canada)
+1 (267) 930-4000 (US)
Other locations: https://divineservices.drsha.com/rc-regional-numbers/
Passcode: 773-926-530 #

Please register each week for this weekly teleconference.




Even if you are not a registered participant, you receive a one-time blessing from every download or blessing that Master Sha transmits. Your physical health and your mental and emotional balance can benefit immensely. Your soul standing can be uplifted. Nor do the “one-time” benefits end when you hang up the phone. The increased vibration and light you receive during the program continue to grow with any service you offer or spiritual practice you do on an ongoing basis.

We invite you to attend Sunday Tao Blessings with Master Sha for a few weeks to become familiar with his wisdom and compassion, the simplicity and depth of his teachings, and the vast array of powerful blessings and services he offers.

Conducted by Master Sha, who teaches in flow, the Sunday Tao Blessings often include spontaneous teachings or gifts for all attendees. If you can, arrange to experience them in a quiet and relaxed setting, preferably lying down. After a few sessions, you will probably notice subtle to dramatic effects in your mind and body, including a sense of expansion or lightness in your being and greater ease entering many aspects of your life.

These complimentary life-transforming gifts will assist you in your physical and spiritual journey. They are gifts of great kindness and compassion for all of humanity.


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