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Melding With Tao Classic of Longevity and Immortality

Melding With Tao Classic of Longevity and Immortality

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Tao is the Ultimate Source and Creator. Tao is the universal principles and laws that govern all life. Tao is greatest love. Tao is the highest Oneness.

To return to Tao is to align with Tao Oneness. It is to achieve complete harmony and balance. It is to gain true freedom and joy. It is the final and greatest achievement on the spiritual journey of every soul. It is to return home.

The path to Tao Oneness will bring healing of the physical body, balancing of emotions, clarity of the mind, highest intelligence and wisdom, love, peace, and harmony to relationships, and abundance to finances. It will awaken us to realize our true purpose and nature. On this path, healing, rejuvenation, and longevity will occur, with the possibility of attaining immortality as the ultimate step.

The sacred 146-line mantra Melding with Tao – The Tao Classic of Longevity and Immortality is sung powerfully and beautifully on this CD by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, who received this profound wisdom and practice directly from the highest Source. He is accompanied by heart-opening Tao Source music flowed by Tao Master Composer Master Chun-Yen Chiang.

This MP3 gives you the path to Tao.