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Monthly Special - Expressing Appreciation for Our Fathers

Monthly Special - Expressing Appreciation for Our Fathers

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Registration is open until June 26, 2019 noon, Pacific Time.

These blessings will be delivered on the following Sunday until Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Please submit one registration form per recipient.

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Each month we offer one or more special blessings for the physical and spiritual journey. Each month’s offer is a unique opportunity that is available for a limited time.

This month we are offering:

Expressing Appreciation for Our Fathers 

This is a time to show our appreciation for our fathers and to the special people who gave us the support and guidance in the spirit of a father. It can be hard to express what our fathers mean to us, but when we speak and act from our hearts, the message of appreciation and love can be received, over time and distance, to our fathers who are here and to those who have transitioned. This blessing will help you focus on the gift of life and everything our fathers give to us, with a heartfelt request for forgiveness for any mistakes we may have made. With a blessing for expressing appreciation, we can center ourselves to appreciate from our hearts and souls the unconditional support from our fathers who provided for us, protected us, taught us and guided us, and gave us what we needed to live with confidence and strength. For those who have experienced challenges with their fathers, this blessing can help you forgive and connect with the love and compassion that can help heal any relationship. In this month when we celebrate Father’s Day, receive this blessing to show your deep appreciation, through words, gifts, time and attention. Share your best memories and appreciation for important lessons you received to show how you appreciate and cherish your father and those who have played this essential role in your life.



 Registration is open through June 26, 2019 at 12pm PacificTime. 

After completing your registration, you and/or your loved ones will receive the blessing on the following Sunday until June 30, 2019 during the Sunday Blessings teleconference. Registered recipients do not need to be present on the teleconference to receive the blessing.

Honor Fees and Registration Honor Fee:
Only CAD $70 per recipient. Regular honor fee is $300. Click here to register.
Each registration goes to one recipient. Fill out one online form for each recipient.




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