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Zhi Neng Medicine (Paperback)

Zhi Neng Medicine (Paperback)

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The Zhi Neng Medicine book introduces Dr. and Master Zhi Chen Guo’s teachings to the West. This practical book is the foundation for Master Sha’s later books, Power Healing and Soul Mind Body Medicine.



Based in part on ancient practices in China, Zhi Neng Medicine is a revolutionary new medical science that gives people options never before available in the Western world. Using simple, easily learned, non-invasive techniques, Zhi Neng Medicine offers you choices in preventive and restorative health care. You can improve your health and quality of life with these techniques that are compatible with all other modalities.
You can learn and practice these techniques in the privacy of your own home, no matter what your current state of health. You can help heal yourself, your family, and your friends, and even reach others to heal themselves.

Startlingly simple and easy to master, the three main approaches of Zhi Neng Medicine involve the use of hand postures, special sounds, and creative visualization to develop and focus your mind. This book provides the tools you need to take control of your health.