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Self Healing for Anger with Master Sha - Online

Self Healing for Anger with Master Sha - Online

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In video 22 of this 90 part series, Master Sha teaches viewers how to heal and transform the emotion of anger. He applies the ancient Chinese wisdom of the Five Elements to help viewers understand how anger is stored in the body. Master Sha teaches viewers to apply the Four Power Techniques to transform anger and teaches how to strengthen the organs associated with anger, such as the liver. Viewers are taught that all sicknesses are due to soul mind body blockages and given a method to clear the karma associated with the blockages. Chant with Master Sha to self clear negative karma. All viewers receive Divine permanent treasures of Divine Happiness Soul Mind Body Transplants and learn to apply the treasures to transform anger. Master Sha delivers another remote healing for the liver. A young woman is happily surprised as her headache disappears.

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